Karlene Cimprich

Karlene Cimprich, Professor
Principal Investigator

Faculty Profile

Stefani Ferreira

Stefani Ferreira, Administrative Assistant

Julien Bacal

Julien Bacal, Research Assistant
Montpellier, France
Master : Ecole pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris
Research Interests: Single molecule techniques to study DNA replication.

Michelle Badura

Michelle Badura, Postdoctoral Fellow
Buffalo, New York
PhD: New York University Medical Center, Schneider Lab
Research interests: Characterizing the role of DNA repair proteins at the replication fork

Henrietta Bennett

Henrietta Bennett, Graduate Student
Westminster West, Vermont
Undergrad: Yale College, King Lab
Research Interests: Cell cycle coordination of replication stress- implications for genome stability and tissue homeostasis.

Mickael Bocek

Mickael Bocek, Graduate Student
Seattle, WA
Undergrad : University of Washington
Research Interests : R-loop formation and pathology

Madzia Crossley

Madzia Crossley, Postdoctoral Fellow
London, UK
PhD: University of Cambridge, Krude Lab
Research Interests: Investigating the role of R-loops in genome stability

Stephan Hamperl

Stephan Hamperl, Postdoctoral Fellow
Cham, Bayern, Germany
PhD: University of Regensburg, Griesenbeck Lab
Research interest: Examining the mutational consequences of transcription-dependent R-loop formation

Meloday Yung Hsin Kao

Melody Yung Hsin Kao, Graduate Student
Taipei, Taiwan
Master: National Taiwan University, Liao Lab
Undergrad: National Taiwan University

Andrew Kile

Andrew Kile, Postdoctoral Fellow
Minneapolis, Minnesota
PhD: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Koepp Lab
Research interests: Investigating pathways involved in DNA damage tolerance

Joshua Saldivar

Joshua Saldivar, Postdoctoral Fellow
Fayetteville, Arkansas
PhD: The Ohio State University, Huebner Lab
Research interests: Investigating the role of replication stress in disease

Caroline Townsend

Caroline Townsend Stork, Graduate Student
Claremont, California
Undergrad: Grinnell College
Research Interests: Investigating the link between transcription and genomic integrity.

Postdoctorate fellows
  • Sharon Barr (OSI Pharmaceuticals, New York)
  • Robert Driscoll (Senior Research Associate, Wedbush Securities)
  • Anja Duursma (Medema Lab, Netherlands Cancer Institute)
  • Mohammad Hekmat-Nejad (Novartis)
  • Narasimham Jammi (Jammi Pharmaceuticals, India)
  • Karen Pan
  • Deena Soni (BD Biosciences)
  • Daniel Warmerdam (Medema Lab, Netherlands Cancer Institute)
  • Thomas Wechsler (Sangamo BioSciences)
  • Dawn Yean (Stanford Research Institute, Stanford, CA)
  • Julie Sollier (Scientific Editor, Cell Reports)

Graduate Students

  • Michelle Zeman (Postdoc, Jarosz Lab, Stanford)
  • Ryan Bomgarden (Research Scientist, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Tony Byun (Catalyst Biosciences Inc.)
  • Debbie Chang (Postdoctoral fellow, Novartis)
  • Elbert Chang (Fellow, Bayer Healthcare)
  • Claudia Choi
  • Anna Guan (Postdoctoral fellow, Rannala Lab, UC-Davis)
  • Jia-Ren Lin (Postdoctoral fellow, Sorger Lab, Harvard University)
  • Patrick Lupardus (Genentech)
  • Christina MacDougall (Patent Agent, Cooley LLP)
  • Renee Paulsen (Postdoctoral fellow, Espinosa Lab, University of Colorado - Boulder)
  • Chris Van (Postdoctoral fellow, Peterson Lab, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester)


  • Judith Haarhui (Graduate Student, Rowland Lab, Netherlands Cancer Institute)
  • Ashley Laird
  • Melissa Morelos
  • Tracey So


  • Steffi Fas
  • Cindy Leung
  • Sharon South
  • MC Yee
  • Ulrike Rieder, Visiting Scholar

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